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Website Integration

Most likely, your website requires a shopping cart, online enrollment and multi-media features. These are common and most providers in the industry can support their functionality adequately. In addition to providing robust ecommerce and multi-media support, IDSTC can design and develop custom website applications that are necessary and unique to your business. Having a technology partner that can meet your needs today and in the future - as opportunities and requirements emerge - is the right business strategy.

Shopping Cart

IDSTC offers dynamic, real-time management of your shopping cart from the Global Enterprise Management System. You maintain complete control over the items in your inventory, with the ability to change pricing, images and more on demand, all through our easy-to-use interface. In addition, we're proud to offer specialized solutions including preferred customer programs and custom-designed shopping features and layouts.

Online Enrollment

There’s more to online enrollment transactions than creating a new representative in your system. To minimize overhead and maximize efficiency, it’s important for the software to automate virtually every aspect of the enrollment requirements. This is no ordinary transaction, and you need experts that can implement the sign-up options that make your company special. Here are several considerations:

  • Offer support for multiple enrollment packages
  • Establish initial rank and compensation
  • Process credit card payment.
  • Generate autoresponders to new recruits and sponsors.
  • Create Autoship schedules.
  • Create order for shipment.
  • Make replicated sites available immediately.
  • Provide instant access to the back office.
  • Interface with 3rd party or proprietary systems.

Sales Force BBS Integration

Integrating the Sales Force BBS lead management system dramatically expands the business building functionality of your sites. The Sale Force BBS lets your distributors capture lead information and keep track of their contact information. It can be integrated easily with the replicated websites. When visitors request more information from the distributor’s replicated website, compelling, time-sequenced campaign messages get emailed to the new prospect automatically.

I would like to learn more about the Sales Force BBS - a powerful online marketing and MLM Lead Management system.

Application Development

Many companies simply don’t need complex or custom application development. But when you do, it’s important to have a partner that can meet your technology needs. Whether it’s a real time interface with a 3rd party partner or other need, IDSTC will be able to develop solutions your business needs

IDSTC provides a secure, full-service approach to website and application integration and support. We host and maintain our clients' websites and applications. There is no need to invest in equipment or additional service providers. You have a single point of control and management with IDSTC as your Technology Partner.

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