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Party System Features

Party plan companies require software designed to support the specific operational requirements of the business model.  MLM software is not party plan software and vise versa. IDSTC has developed the best party plan software available.  Based on the Global Enterprise Management System platform, our party plan system delivers the features to automate your parties and your business. You need a system that can be configured and tailored to your business model and perform efficiently. You need IDSTC’s Party Plan GEMS!

Party Plan Global Enterprise Management System (GEMS) Features:

Integrated Party Management

  • Party booking in consultant back office.
  • Party order Tracking throughout
  • GEMS party reporting
  • Consultant back office party & organization reports
  • Party order entry
  • Host credits
  • Host gifts & incentives
  • Promotional & incentive pricing
  • Multiple party settlement options
  • Party shipping options
  • Party invites option
  • Virtual party option

Consultant Management

  • Comprehensive consultant search features.
  • Robust consultant profile management.
  • Add, Edit, and Cancel consultant functions.
  • Detailed financial reports including compensation breakdown.
  • Historical financial reports and year-to-date earnings summaries.
  • Consultant notes and trouble tickets.
  • Real-time and historical organization reports
  • Party information drill down.
  • Order history details.
  • Search, Add, Edit, Refund, and Void consultant’s customers and orders.
  • Search, Add, Edit, Refund, and Void consultant’s personal orders.
  • Consultant Autoship/AMO management.
  • Replicated site management.
  • Sponsor and Enroller placement changing functions.
  • Positive and negative adjustments to earnings checks.
  • Administrative and management features.

Customer Management

  • Comprehensive customer search features.
  • Robust customer profile management.
  • Multiple customer classifications, (e.g. wholesale, retail, preferred).
  • Add, Edit and Cancel customers.
  • Customer notes and trouble tickets.
  • Party order drill down.
  • Order history details.
  • Search, Add, Edit, Refund, and Void customers and orders.
  • Customer Autoship/AMO management.
  • Administrative and management features.

Order Management

  • Intuitive order entry with inventory rules control.
  • Supports tangible and virtual services and subscription-based products.
  • Comprehensive order search features.
  • Order profile displays detailed order information.
  • Order status control: Add, Save, Post, Un-post, Edit, Refund, and Void orders.
  • Process payments — real-time, online — through merchant account.
  • Detailed invoices with company logo.
  • Autoship/AMO management.
  • Flexible shipping charge options with manual override.
  • Automatic U.S. sales tax calculations with database look up. 

Shipping Management

  • Flexible party shipping options.
  • Provides detailed view of pending shipments.
  • Backorder management including partial backorders.
  • Comprehensive search features.
  • Supports multiple shipping methods and pricing.
  • Print invoice/packing slips.
  • Batch Shipping.
  • Export data to various shipping vendors.
  • Import shipping vendor tracking numbers.
  • Detailed shipping reports.
  • Advanced shipping management module option.

Inventory Management

  • Flexible inventory setup and product profiles.
  • Detailed display of product list and inventory quantities.
  • Add, Edit, and Delete product items.
  • Define categories and subcategories.
  • Establish pricing and compensation by rank.
  • Promotional pricing.
  • Multi-warehouse capabilities.
  • Create multiple product/quantity kits.
  • Detailed inventory reports.
  • Supports products with multiple specifications such as size and color.
  • Upload product pictures and descriptions for shopping cart display.
  • Shopping cart and order rules.
  • Vendor management module option.
  • Item specific tax and shipping exemption status.

Reporting Management

  • Extensive set of standard reports included.
  • Detailed consultant and customer reports.
  • Comprehensive order, inventory, shipping, Autoship reports.
  • Detailed processing, operations, expiring credit cards reports.
  • Compensation reports including company audit details and promotions.
  • Detailed financial reports.
  • Comprehensive shipping, inventory, and processing reports.
  • Form Letters and Mailing Labels.
  • Create dynamic reports with multiple filters and criteria.
  • Data exports for mail merges, analysis, data storage, etc.

Compensation Plan Processing Management

  • Flexible processing with reversal and reprocessing control.
  • Bonus and commission processing.
  • Supports daily, weekly, and monthly processing.
  • Real-time and cycle-based promotions.
  • Multiple payment method support: pay cards, direct deposit.
  • PDF check writing on blank check stock.
  • Online and PDF consultant reports.
  • Comprehensive company financial reports.
  • Export file for importing check data into QuickBooks.

Sales Tax Rates

  • Standard access to current sales tax rates for all 50 states.
  • Data subscription option with all major tax data providers.

Company Admin Management

  • Set up and maintain your company profile.
  • Control security administration and user activity audit reporting.
  • Manage company news & announcements.
  • Manage Consultant Back Office.
  • Send transaction-based and community e-mails
  • Add, Edit, and Delete company news & announcements.
  • Add, Edit, and Delete forms & flyers.
  • Add, Edit, and Delete FAQs.
  • Add, Edit, and Delete calendar events.

Consultant Back Office

  • Broadcasts news, announcements and other communications
  • Provide resources to consultant: forms, flyers, files.
  • Promote company events and conference calls through calendar
  • Provide comprehensive business information to your consultants.
  • Real-time downline, customer, current & historical financial, and promotion reports.
  • Consultant shopping cart for supplies and products.

Support Management System (SMS)

  • Comprehensive support for your business.
  • Centralized support management
  • Project and task details and statuses.
  • Centralized view of all correspondence and tasks between the client and IDSTC.

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